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Monday, 30 April 2012

Blind Date Chronicles: Episode One

Sorry I have taken so long to write up about my first Blind dating experience. But after you read this post you will understand why it is, this took me so long.

As you know, I went on a blind date on Thursday. Before the date, as I have indicated in the previous post, I was nervous and excited... but more nervous than excited. I left campus after writing that post, stood in the rain for 30 minutes waiting for a Jammie. Got home soaking wet, but decided to make some tea calm down and get ready. As I got ready, I continued to question myself and my choices with regards to style. It was rather cold on Thursday, but I wanted to wear my open wedges, I didn't want to wear a coat. So what was I to do???

I wore, black leggings, with a loose fitting nude and yellow top, with a patterned scarf and my wedges. I decided to be a hero and brave the cold, but this decision was made because essentially I had nothing else to wear! In terms of make-up, I decided to go with bronze tones on my eyes, black liquid liner, and a dark pink lip. At this point I thought I was wearing too much make-up for a first date. But then, again, when I go out, I wear that amount of make-up so I stuck to my guns.

After all of this, I get a text "I'm outside". This young man who I heard so much about and spoken to, was finally at my front gate! Now I started freaking out. As I approached this man, who is clearly a rugby player, I took a deep breath in and out and then I heard "Is that you I see", I replied with my shaky voice "Yes it is". After introductions and telling each how nice we looked we walked towards his car. So, he didn't open the car for me, but I shrugged that off.

Awkward conversations about studies and academic histories occurred in the car. But as we got to Obz, something was right about this night, this date and this man. I started to calm down. We had dinner at Trenchtown which, although some may think it's a bit grudge for a first date, was the right atmosphere for this occasion. As we got to a table, my date took the liberty to ease the tension and the nerves and order two shots of tequilla.When he did this, I was taken a back and not so sure about him, but granted after that shot, the conversation flowed and the mood was relaxed.

As the date went on, I started to realize something, I kinda like this guy. He made me laugh, think and question. He listened and he made me want to listen as well, which is why when he suggested we head to town, to jam a little bit, I said yes. As he asked this question he reached over to hold my hand and it wasn't awkward, it felt as though it was meant to happen.

We headed to town, danced the night away, but as the night was drawing to a close. My heart sank, I didn't want this night to end. He seemed to feel the same way, since we drove around Town for two hours. After Thursday, we saw each other for date number 2 on Friday, spent time together on Saturday and he helped me out when I was at work on Sunday. He is doing everything right. Getting to know him is a pleasure, and he is starting to become the best stranger I have ever met.

This seems like a whirlwind romance, and granted, we have been living in a world where only the two of us exist. But there is something that is thrilling about this moment, it was never meant to be this way, but it is happening and I am very excited to see where this all ends up.

Much love and Even More Dopeness
Koosh: The Lil Black

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