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Monday, 21 May 2012

Zaki Ibrahim: Her Music

Zaki Ibrahim: Musical Inspiration and Citizen of Style

I discovered Zaki Ibrahim very late in the game. But after listening to some of her music and stalking her style on Max Mogale's website. I became a fully fledged fan! Here are a couple of her photos and will post some of her music soon! Enjoy and be inspired!

Much Love and even More Dopeness
Koosh: The Lil Black

Friday, 18 May 2012

Song of the Week: Settle Down by Kimbra

Kimbra is someone you probably recognise from Gotye's Somebody I used to Know video. She is a new artist with a very alternative soul and an immense amount of talent. Her music is very cool and refreshing. Not only is she talented but she has an awesome sense of style that is playful and suits her music. This is a live performance of "Settle Down" my song of the week. I hope you enjoy

Much Love and even More Dopeness
Koosh: The Lil' Black

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Music and Style

As most of you have read before, I believe that presentation is everything. You do not have to be the most gorgeous person or someone with the best body; but the way in which you package yourself for the rest of the world to see does matter. As shallow and materialistic as this may sound, this is how the world works.

Style is an outward expression of the person you are or the person you desire to be. This is why musicians style represents them as artists as well as their sound and in this industry; image is extremely important. One's image is the line between becoming a superstar and remaining the person with talent but no presence.

Thus, I thought it would be apt for me to give credit where credit is due to some of my favourite musicians in terms of style. Each has a specific look that makes them easily identifiable and in most cases more successful than the rest. Enjoy :)

From Top to Bottom : Solange, Gwen Stefani, Janelle Monae, Kimbra, Rafael Saddiq and Zoe Kravtiz

Much Love and Even More Dopeness
Koosh:The Lil Black

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Blind Date Chronicles: An Angel Looking for a Nice Guy

The Blind Date fever as risen and people are asking to be set up left, right and centre. Often I tell them that I cannot do this for them and they must choose other avenues. But this wonderful young women deserves to be written about.

She is a  UCT graduate doing a post graduate diploma in Education. She has an incredible passion to make a difference in the lives of those who cannot help themselves. She believes, and rightly so, that this can be done through education. She is funny, caring and carries with her a beautiful soul. It may seem that I have nothing bad to say about this girl, but she is truly everything that I have said above.

The only thing missing? She is keen to meet someone new and  someone to make her feel special. From my stance I would like someone else to see and make her see how effortlessly gorgeous she is.

She is an angel looking for a nice guy. And really that is her only requirement. "He has to be a nice guy" is what she said to me.

So, dear readers, (preferably located in Cape Town), let's help our girl out. Let's get her on a blind date!

Much love and Even more Dopeness
Koosh: The Lil Black

Please e-mail candidates to: lilblacksdiary@gmail.com
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Monday, 7 May 2012

Women of Town

Women of Town

INHABIT open knit sweater
$345 - net-a-porter.com

One Teaspoon short jean shorts
€80 - welikefashion.com

Bruuns bazaar
£25 - bruunsbazaar.com

Gold engagement ring
€1.750 - colette.fr

Friis Company plastic ring
€15 - shopfriiscompany.com

Givenchy red silk scarve
$375 - forwardforward.com

Shirt and legging vibe

Shirt and legging vibe

Print blouse
$52 - stylebymarina.com

$150 - witchery.com.au

Vintage earrings
$9.99 - modcloth.com

Monki retro sunglasses
€10 - monki.com

Blind Date Chronicles: What Happens Now?

After reading my previous post about my whirlwind romance. I think you might have figured out that I am no longer a single girl in Cape Town. Yes, this is quick and incredibly scary but You only live Once right?

So what is going to happen now, you might ask?
Well, after reading and hearing about my experience with blind dating, my friends and readers are keen to go on their on Blind Dating Journeys.So what I've decided to do, is open this platform up to people who are keen to go on Blind Dates.

How will this work?

To continue the compilation of the Blind Date Chronicles, mobilise friends and family to open up their horizons and set you up on a Blind Date. This blog will act as a place through which you can get advice on style, dating etiquette and make up. This is something fun to do among friends and it is a great way to meet new people and enjoy new experiences. Just think about it this way... It can go one of three ways: You can be lucky and end up dating the person, you can become great mates with the person or it can be awful and you each go your separate ways. At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose.

Furthermore, once you have gone on the Blind Date, feel free to write up about your Blind Date and submit it to our e-mail address, share your experiences.

Good things come to those who wait...with an open heart!
Let the Blind Dating Begin!

Much Love and Even More Dopeness
Koosh: The Lil Black

 email: lilblacksdiary@gmail.com