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Monday, 30 April 2012

Blind Date Chronicles: Episode One

Sorry I have taken so long to write up about my first Blind dating experience. But after you read this post you will understand why it is, this took me so long.

As you know, I went on a blind date on Thursday. Before the date, as I have indicated in the previous post, I was nervous and excited... but more nervous than excited. I left campus after writing that post, stood in the rain for 30 minutes waiting for a Jammie. Got home soaking wet, but decided to make some tea calm down and get ready. As I got ready, I continued to question myself and my choices with regards to style. It was rather cold on Thursday, but I wanted to wear my open wedges, I didn't want to wear a coat. So what was I to do???

I wore, black leggings, with a loose fitting nude and yellow top, with a patterned scarf and my wedges. I decided to be a hero and brave the cold, but this decision was made because essentially I had nothing else to wear! In terms of make-up, I decided to go with bronze tones on my eyes, black liquid liner, and a dark pink lip. At this point I thought I was wearing too much make-up for a first date. But then, again, when I go out, I wear that amount of make-up so I stuck to my guns.

After all of this, I get a text "I'm outside". This young man who I heard so much about and spoken to, was finally at my front gate! Now I started freaking out. As I approached this man, who is clearly a rugby player, I took a deep breath in and out and then I heard "Is that you I see", I replied with my shaky voice "Yes it is". After introductions and telling each how nice we looked we walked towards his car. So, he didn't open the car for me, but I shrugged that off.

Awkward conversations about studies and academic histories occurred in the car. But as we got to Obz, something was right about this night, this date and this man. I started to calm down. We had dinner at Trenchtown which, although some may think it's a bit grudge for a first date, was the right atmosphere for this occasion. As we got to a table, my date took the liberty to ease the tension and the nerves and order two shots of tequilla.When he did this, I was taken a back and not so sure about him, but granted after that shot, the conversation flowed and the mood was relaxed.

As the date went on, I started to realize something, I kinda like this guy. He made me laugh, think and question. He listened and he made me want to listen as well, which is why when he suggested we head to town, to jam a little bit, I said yes. As he asked this question he reached over to hold my hand and it wasn't awkward, it felt as though it was meant to happen.

We headed to town, danced the night away, but as the night was drawing to a close. My heart sank, I didn't want this night to end. He seemed to feel the same way, since we drove around Town for two hours. After Thursday, we saw each other for date number 2 on Friday, spent time together on Saturday and he helped me out when I was at work on Sunday. He is doing everything right. Getting to know him is a pleasure, and he is starting to become the best stranger I have ever met.

This seems like a whirlwind romance, and granted, we have been living in a world where only the two of us exist. But there is something that is thrilling about this moment, it was never meant to be this way, but it is happening and I am very excited to see where this all ends up.

Much love and Even More Dopeness
Koosh: The Lil Black

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Blind Date Chronicles: The First Date!!!

So tonight is the night!

I am going on my first date tonight. I realized today that I haven't been on a date in over a year. AWKWARD! But I am extremely excited.

I phoned my date on Tuesday and it went very well. So that eased my nerves. Furthermore, we have been texting for the day, leading up to the events. He has managed to keep the location of our date a secret, hopefully its not a mine dump, but the element of surprise is very intriguing, which makes me very excited!

That's as much information as I can give you for now. Look out for a post about my outfit and my date tomorrow!

Much Love and even more Dopeness
Koosh: The Lil' Black

Monday, 23 April 2012

Blind Date Chronicles: The Panel

It brings me great joy to introduce the panel for Blind Date Chronicles to all of our readers. 
These are the people that will be responsible for my fate over the next few weeks or months! 

The first is Sisiwe "Sisi" Baduza. 

She is a friend of mine and has been keen on this venture since I came up with it last year. She has a pretty good knowledge of what I like and dislike, and we have chuckled about this over many cocktails at Neighbourhood. Everybody show my girl some love! 

The Second is Anelisa Mangcu 

This wonderful lady is also a friend of mine. She knows a pretty diverse group of people and thus it makes sense for her to be on the panel as she knows a whole different realm of wonderful people! She is a pretty creative and blogger. She is some of the brains behind perfectlytailored.tumblr.com . I'm looking forward to what she has conjured up for me. 

The Third is Ndabenhle Ngulube 

This guy is one of my good mates. He was one of the first to attempt to hook me up on a date, when it was just for personal reasons. But it only made sense to include him in this venture. He has my best interests at heart. And is pretty style conscious. His input will be valued. 

And last but not least is Sikhanyiso "Ziggi" Mdlalose

Ziggi is probably one of the coolest guys I know. His style and his personality are the definition of cool. I am more prone to taking advice from a man with style then one without. I think he may have some insider secrets as to how this dating thing works. So I am very excited to have him be a part of this. 

So there you go, as you can see, the panel has gone from six people to four. And that's ok. Let this journey begin. 

Much love and even more dopeness
Koosh: The Lil Black 

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Pop Of Colour

Black and Gold Son

Black and Gold Son

TIBI long sleeve top
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TIGHA slim fit shorts
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Brian Atwood platform shoes
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Friis Company velvet bag
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House of Harlow 1960 chain jewelry
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VeraMeat double finger ring
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Tie blouse
£26 - awear.com

Volcom mini skirt
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$28 - topshop.com


Wanna party like this? Come through this Friday The Loop Nightclub!!!!

Groove Afrika Presents: NIGGAS IN PARIS

Groove Afrika is a house duo based in Cape Town, South Africa, that are not only talented, driven and very business minded. But stylish as well. They bring the student community together on countless occasions in beautiful venues such as ZAR, St Yves and recently The Loop Nightclub. What these guys have managed to do in short period of time is incredible and no-one can take that away from them.

This Friday (20.04.12) they are at it again. They are hosting a party at The Loop Nightclub entitled N*ggas In Paris. The title of the party alludes to the epicness of the event: Bottle popping, booty shaking and a good time! 

This time, they bringing DJ Capital, the prince of the Hip Hop club scene in Johannesburg, to the streets of Cape Town. You might of seen this name and face on a reality tv show called Running With The Reps. Alongside him will be Groove Afrika themselves, Twins On Decks, DJ Lyle, Tino and many more. Everything one may hope this party will be it will be. 

Thus, what girls and guys must do is put their style brains to work and think of what to wear. This calls for it all: Short shorts, sheers shirts, puffed sleeves, v-necks, slim cut jeans, loose fitting beanies, patterns, aztec prints.... the list is endless. But look hot, no-one wants to be cringing for you when the photos come out. 

Come through this Friday|The Loop NightClub|R60 at the door|R200 VIP|
Follow Team Groove on Twitter


Much Love and even More Dopeness
Koosh: The Lil Black

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Good Bye Summer :'(

Good Bye Summer :'(

Topshop cropped shirt
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Martin Grant long skirt
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Oasis flat sandals
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Isharya gem ring
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Tom ford sunglasses
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Blind Date Chronicles: The Beginning

This is a venture that I have been meaning to start for a couple of months now. However, due to certain circumstances, I was not in the right head space to do so. NOW I AM YAY! :)

What is Blind Date Chronicles you may ask? Well, as young women, we don't date as often as one should. In my group of friends, we go from relationship to relationship and although this is great, we don't get much experience with... well... dating! Furthermore, within the "society" called UCT, ladies and gents have a tendency to stay in their particular friendship groups, and everyone ends up dating everyone. It's kind of incestuous. So rather we take the first steps to broadening our horizons.

How will it work?

A panel of three ladies and three men, whose opinions I trust and respect, will go about looking for candidates with which I will possibly go on dates. These six wonderful human beings will also give advice in terms of style (first and foremost) and dating etiquette. I will then go on these dates and write a reflective piece about what went right and what went absolutely wrong. These pieces will be written with the help of the panel.

How will the candidates be chosen?

Well, this is assuming (a very ambitious assumption) there will be candidates for me and my panel to do this. Their picture, along with a little bit of a description will be sent to the e-mail address (that will be given below) and from there, the date will be set up.

This is a fun way, to learn how to experiment with fashion, see how well my friends know me, visit new places, meet new people and share more about the dating world to all of you!

I am extremely excited for this new adventure! And I will be very happy if you join me on this journey. A single girl in Cape Town taking a hold of opportunities. (hehehehe*)

Let the compiling of the Blind Date Chronicles begin!
Much Love and even More Dopeness
Koosh: The Lil' Black

* E-mail suggestions for candidates to lilblacksdiary@gmail.com

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

This is How We say Happy Birthday!


SO... We turn one today!!! Apparently that is supposed to mean something?? LOL (I joke) Of Course it means something!

As I look through my blog, something that I started to occupy my time, and see whether I actually did take writing and fashion seriously, a year down the line, and it seems like I do take both things seriously. I have learnt a lot through the last year, and often my blog has been a place through which I can channel my feelings, and sometimes to prove to myself that I am actually good at something.

Emotional and soppy?? Ya, I know. But, achieving 10000 views was my goal a year ago, and now that it has been achieved... I don't know... where to from here?

I have millions of questions to answer. But the answer probably involves a website! But we shall see what the future holds.

Thank you so much for your unwavering support, it this support that has kept us going for a year. Here is to many more, from which ever continent. The LBD crew will continue to expand and I hope you will continue to read and love our growth!

As a grown blog, a full one year old I say...

Much love and Even more (birthday) Dopeness
Koosh: The Lil Black

Hair, Make up and a Snap back

I don't normally post picture of myself on this blog. But I was having so much fun with some stuff today.

First I got my new frames, which  I have been waiting for, for a very long time, plus I received a gift from my little brother, Fizz, a couple of days back, it is a New York Yankees snap back, so I took some photos of that combo.

Then I got bored, and played around with my hair and some make up. These are the results! :)
Much love and even more Dopeness!
Koosh: The Lil Black