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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Blind Date Chronicles: The Beginning

This is a venture that I have been meaning to start for a couple of months now. However, due to certain circumstances, I was not in the right head space to do so. NOW I AM YAY! :)

What is Blind Date Chronicles you may ask? Well, as young women, we don't date as often as one should. In my group of friends, we go from relationship to relationship and although this is great, we don't get much experience with... well... dating! Furthermore, within the "society" called UCT, ladies and gents have a tendency to stay in their particular friendship groups, and everyone ends up dating everyone. It's kind of incestuous. So rather we take the first steps to broadening our horizons.

How will it work?

A panel of three ladies and three men, whose opinions I trust and respect, will go about looking for candidates with which I will possibly go on dates. These six wonderful human beings will also give advice in terms of style (first and foremost) and dating etiquette. I will then go on these dates and write a reflective piece about what went right and what went absolutely wrong. These pieces will be written with the help of the panel.

How will the candidates be chosen?

Well, this is assuming (a very ambitious assumption) there will be candidates for me and my panel to do this. Their picture, along with a little bit of a description will be sent to the e-mail address (that will be given below) and from there, the date will be set up.

This is a fun way, to learn how to experiment with fashion, see how well my friends know me, visit new places, meet new people and share more about the dating world to all of you!

I am extremely excited for this new adventure! And I will be very happy if you join me on this journey. A single girl in Cape Town taking a hold of opportunities. (hehehehe*)

Let the compiling of the Blind Date Chronicles begin!
Much Love and even More Dopeness
Koosh: The Lil' Black

* E-mail suggestions for candidates to lilblacksdiary@gmail.com

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