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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Blind Date Chronicles: An Angel Looking for a Nice Guy

The Blind Date fever as risen and people are asking to be set up left, right and centre. Often I tell them that I cannot do this for them and they must choose other avenues. But this wonderful young women deserves to be written about.

She is a  UCT graduate doing a post graduate diploma in Education. She has an incredible passion to make a difference in the lives of those who cannot help themselves. She believes, and rightly so, that this can be done through education. She is funny, caring and carries with her a beautiful soul. It may seem that I have nothing bad to say about this girl, but she is truly everything that I have said above.

The only thing missing? She is keen to meet someone new and  someone to make her feel special. From my stance I would like someone else to see and make her see how effortlessly gorgeous she is.

She is an angel looking for a nice guy. And really that is her only requirement. "He has to be a nice guy" is what she said to me.

So, dear readers, (preferably located in Cape Town), let's help our girl out. Let's get her on a blind date!

Much love and Even more Dopeness
Koosh: The Lil Black

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