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Monday, 18 April 2011

Student Style Icons #3: Bianca Kruger

Every young woman who has given into the wonderful temptation that is Sex and the City knows that Carrie Bradshaw’s closet is every woman’s dream! The fact of the matter is that, if you consider yourself to be a stylish person you wish that you could be stylish to the level that Ms Carrie Bradshaw is on! I’ve always wondered what it would be like to not make a fashion misstep or what it would be like to wear an inconceivable combination of clothing items and make sense. Well, Bianca Kruger, our next Student Style Icon, is a young woman I consider The Carrie Bradshaw of Johannesburg.
There are very few people who I consider my friends or peers, whose closets I wish were mine. Bianca Krugar is one of those people. Bianca, who I’ve been lucky enough to have spent a couple of years with at the same High School, has immaculate taste.  Whether she is going to school, dinner with mates or a night out on the town in the flashing lights of Johannesburg, Bianca always oozes style.  She is currently in her third year of studies at Wits University in Johannesburg. She is a driven BSc student who has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever known. Appreciative of everything she has in her life from friends, family and shoes (her obsession); Bianca only deserves to be as stylish as she wants to be.
Unlike Carrie Bradshaw, Bianca’s style is very understated; she usually wears simple colours and then pairs these colours with something that is bold and noticeable. She is one of the very few women who are around my age group that I can sincerely describe as chic. One would wonder why, but her style inspiration and opinions about style give reason to her swag.
Bianca’s style inspiration is her father. She says that her father is a man of “phenomenal taste”, and taught her the “foundation of personal style”. Bianca’s father has given Bianca knowledge about self-presentation in the most poetic way ever. He says that “every woman owes it to themselves to want to be the beautiful creatures of style, elegance and glamour”. I definitely agree with this statement. Women, at whatever age, give so much of themselves to their family, friends and other relationships as well as school or work that it only makes perfect sense for women to want to be on the highest level of fabulous. Bianca continued on to tell me the three essentials that every woman should have “the perfect mani/pedi, great jeans and shoes that make her feel like Venus”. These are the most epic words of style wisdom I have ever heard! What Bianca learnt from her father has definitely been reiterated in the way in which she dresses. She believes that she is very “liberal and free flowing” when it comes to getting dressed everyday; she goes according to her mood and, of course, what she thinks looks cute.
I wanted to tap into Bianca’s stylish brain and ask her how important style and self-presentation during our university days is and this is what she said: “I feel that university is an environment where you are allowed to express yourself without a firm sense of restriction. So yes I do think it is a place where self presentation is important. No matter what we do in life, first impressions make a difference but a constant impression is what creates a memory. Whether we at a biology lab or the front row at fashion week, we should always want to present ourselves in the best possible way.” 
Bianca spoke the truth in many ways, as much as we want to express ourselves and do the things we aren’t able to do when we are given restrictions. We must remember something that my head mistress at high school used to tell us all the time; “someone is always watching”. This world can eat you up and swallow you whole however it can also leave you behind. Self-presentation is one of the things that is within our control. With that being said, Bianca is in perfect control of her style, and it says so many good things about her, she is fearless, confident and has a sparkling spirit: everything that a fashionista with vision should portray wherever they are!
 Here are a couple of pictures of Bianca's epic style:
Much love and even more Dopeness
Koosh: The Lil' Black

Bianca's Favourite Style item from Cavalli

 Special thanks to Bianca! :)

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