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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Student Style Icons #2: Natasha 'Stashoz' Vrr

With every item of clothing we put on in the morning, we hope and pray to the awesome style gods that someone out there is hopefully not wearing the same thing that you are wearing. We do this as human beings because we are in a world constantly surrounded by people who look like us and one of our biggest fears is blending in and being forgotten. One way to not blend into the crowd is by rocking items that the general population on campus, or in actual fact, nobody in the general popluation of the world, wouldn’t even dare try and put on. Sometimes you just do not want to know what you would look like in luminous orange skinny jeans! 
 It takes so much bravery to commit to this idea of trying something new, outrageous and fantastical. It is in human nature to pursue uniqueness, nobody ever wants to be compared to anyone (I mean that may just be a blow to one’s self-esteem). 
One way to achieve this is to start dressing in an edgy way. People like Rihanna (up until recently when she decided to put in a red curly weave and lose her damn mind), Amber Rose and Zoe Kravitz, from a female point of view, get completely right. From a male perspective, Adam Lambert and Lenny Kravitz also have this look in the palm of their hands. It is because no matter what they wear they present themselves in a way that no-one else could. I trust that most men and women look at these celebrities and utter to themselves “I could NEVER pull off something like that” and the sad truth about it is that you probably couldn’t. This look, my dear readers, is not for everyone. But just because it doesn’t fit to everybody’s style does not mean that those who look at these outfits cannot relate to the ideal of being different and standing out.
With that being said, as a student it is not easy for us to try new things in terms of fashion. Although we want to look different, trying out an edgy style that is so off axis is a scary thought. So then we do little things like cutting our hair, or wearing a vintage green leather jacket or just simply wearing colourful shoes or bold jewellery. These are some of the ways that the rest of us attempt to stand out and this often works.  However, this girl known as Natasha Vrr (because her surname is just intense) or to those who are close to her affectionately call her, Stashoz, can include all of the above accents in one outfit and not look like a crazy person. From her hair to her shoes, her orange and black skinny jeans to her calf length silver gladiator sandals. Stashoz pulls the edgy look off with ease.
I had the privilege of asking her just one simple question: What is the motivation for her style? And she answered: “Firstly, I’d say being unique. Now, that may come across as cliché but it is really the source of my style. Whether it’s just an accessory or a part of my actual outfit, I always try finding at least one thing that stands out. From shoes to rings, or when I feel like just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, my hair can be the unique accessory...” What you must know before seeing these pictures of Natasha is the story of her hair. She started off with beautiful long dark hair. She then proceeded to get in cut into a Mohawk. She started to grow it out and then she got an idea that just made everyone cringe a bit. Natasha stated that she was going to cut her hair really short (like boy short) and dye it platinum blonde. No matter what any cautionary measures people presented to Natasha she did it anyway, and  guess what? It looks INCREDIBLE!
With that being said Natasha continued to tell me: “...I like to break the rules when it comes to fashion and style, not everything has to match perfectly. As long as you look good (and feel good), that is all that matters”  Natasha reiterates at the end of our conversation that all in all, she just wants to look different and stand out, in a good way. 
As always there is a lesson to be learnt, if you want to be different then be different and if you carry it off with confidence and swag then you will be applauded for you uniqueness. Sometimes we need to push our boundaries in order to know what our limits are. Do it! Try something new, whether it be buying a colour you do not normally wear, cutting your hair or buying bright green heels. You can always change your mind at the end of the day. But if you never try you will never know.
Much love and even more dopeness
Koosh: The Lil’ Black

Special Thanks to Stashoz!!! :)

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