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Monday, 4 April 2011

Student Style Icons #1: Mohammed 'Mo' Mollagee

We live in a world where there is so much opportunity and beauty. Surrounding this opportunity and beauty are all the things that prevent us from acquiring the world’s blessings. This mantra applies to fashion and style as well. There is so much opportunity to look like the only literature you’ve read consists of Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair and W, and the great thing about this notion is that you present yourself as one of the beauties of this world. However, there many style items that have come out of some damned production facility that can blind us from acquiring the blessing of presenting ourselves as the wonders of our universe.
What I’ve found out in my short time at University is that a lot of people get led astray by the fashion that seems to appear in stores all around South Africa. These are the people who forget that fashion is temporary but style is timeless. Style is the LBD that you’ve had since you were 16. It is that tailored black suit. It is NOT that tie dye mini skirt that your mother wore at a protest promoting Peace, love and weed. So with that being said, those who can remain stylish in their varsity years deserve to be commended.  Therefore the first few posts on this awesome blog are going to be going through our summer days and highlighting Student Style Icons! These people are self assured in the way they dress, and understand that presentation is key! We all want to be accepted for who we are and what we represent therefore we should dress like we care.  By no means is everyone who is going to be featured over the next couple of days typical. However, who they want to be or who they want to be portrayed as in this moment is a solid and convincing statement and those coherent representations of us through our clothing are very hard to come by.
The first of our style icons on campus is a fellow blogger (the creator of Jammie Tart), Mohammed “Mo” Mollagee.  Mo who is a driven Media student has got his style on lock. But he reminded me of a couple of things about style and fashion that are essential. Firstly, he articulates that putting oneself into a box in terms of one’s style can often stifle one’s style and often makes one get lost in the fashion, however there is no harm in being inspired by others. Mo’s personal favourites are people whose style I certainly admire as well, these include the late James Dean (who should be every man’s reference in terms of style at some point), Ed Westwick, Russell Brand, Agyness Deyn and Adam Lambert. All the above style icons take risks in terms of the way that they choose to present themselves.  Which follows the same philosophy that many stylists around the world have, fashion has no rules. Take the risk and hold your head up, and own that look! Which is something that Mo’s mother, his own personal style icon and the wonderful woman who tantalized his fashion taste-buds, would say “It’s not only about the clothes you wear- it’s about the whole package. Looking good should be a part of your lifestyle- you should take care of your health, your hair and your skin...”(and my favorite statement) “...Make sure that your fragrance suits your mood, look and season and everything that goes into being fabulous!” says Mo
Our fantastic student style icon continues to tell me that style and self-presentation are very important. In that regard Mo and I share the same sentiments. The way in which you put yourself together is a reflection of who you are and “what you want to portray”. Mo says that he opposes the argument made by many who say that clothes are just material possessions that add no value to your personna (and yet they stand in front of me wearing a damn stylish loose fitting beanie from Country Road. How dare they?!). Even though clothes are indeed material possessions, one must never think that what you wear defines you, however, it is a reflection of who you are in “various contexts and times” says Mo. Personal style becomes part of your fabric and your character. It can be linked to various life goals such as being successful, becoming a super star or becoming just adequate. The way in which you put yourself together, your style, often influences your “social interactions” as you know birds of a feather flock together.
Although no-one ever wants to be judged for the way in which they dress or appear, this is the way the world is. Call it shallow, but that’s just the way it is. And if you cannot beat them, stop trying to be strong about it, suck it up and join them!

Here are some photos of Mo's Epic Style!

Special Thanks to Mo for an awesome awesome interview :)

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