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Monday, 10 September 2012

The Guardians of Style

Accessories are the key to, and often the guardian of your style. They help create perception, context, depth and edge to an outfit. Accessories, I believe, tell a wonderful story that makes one’s outfit more than it would have ever been. Accessories are the missing piece, the element that ties an outfit together. No outfit should exist without an accessory.

Coco Chanel famously once said “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory” however, I must disagree – my sentiment is that more is more when it comes to accessories in this era. This is very true of my subject, Tumelo, affectionately known as Tyra. Tyra possesses a box of glittering, gold plated, colourful and textured treasures; from which she layers each piece as if she is organising the chapters of her autobiography. Each piece is from a different part of her life and thus each piece holds a memory. Whether the memory is short or long, old or new; she chooses each piece relevant to the time of day, the season and the occasion. But one thing remains, each item says something about who she is, where she has been and maybe, where she is going. In a way, her box of treasures serves as her guardian of her identity, the protectors of her style.

Tyra carries her memories. I, use my accessories as my security blankets. As fun as it is to be adventurous with style, dressing up and trying to fit in with the denim shirt and converse wearing, nose ring having cool kids of Cape Town is hard for me. So my accessories keep me safe and give me a foot in the door when surrounded by the cool. I think this comes from my mother pulling down a beautiful vintage brown leather suitcase almost every long holiday when I was younger. In this suitcase were my mother’s clothes from yester year. Perfectly tailored pencil skirts, ruffled shirts, sexy dresses and high waisted jeans that do fit me... in my dreams. So we have come to the conclusion that my mother’s beautiful vintage clothes will probably never fit me, but her vintage clutch bag will always fit in my hand.

Accessories are items that no matter what size you are will always fit into your style, you will always be able to wear your grandmother’s pearls, your aunt’s clip on earrings and for me, I will always have a piece of my mom with me when I rock her clutch bag! There is a sense of security in this notion, knowing that something that holds memory, history and sentimentality will always ‘fit you’ and will never go out of fashion.

Whether you layer the different facets of your identity like Tyra, or whether you use your accessories as a reminder of your mom like I do. Accessories will always guard your style choices, defend the simplicity of your little black dress, give an extra edge to those Aztec print shorts or add something golden to your 21st birthday dress. Accessories will always have your back.

Here are the snaps of some of Tyra's stories, my stories and some other wondering souls :) 


Tyra - Preparing for our journey down long street

Tyra's Box of Treasures

In The Playground!

My Mother's Vintage Clutch Bag

Using Hair as an accessory. And don't you just LOVE the African print scarf!

Much Love and Even More Dopeness
Koosh: The Lil’ Black 

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