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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Student Style Icons #5: Aimee Plustick

Finding where you fit in, in terms of fashion and style, is always a tough job especially when you are fresh out of high school. I think it is about high time I focussed on the tough style transition that is made from high school to University. So this special style Icon is a first year; a very stylish and confident young lady who hails from the city of lights, Johannesburg.  Her name? Aimee Plustick
Johannesburg is a place that is fundamentally hard to figure out your style. Every girl looks the same: a weave, or  blonde , if she wears glasses trust she will be wearing contact lenses on a daily basis, expensive clothing that generally clings to one’s body and of course a full face of make-up. I must give props, however, to these girls, because looking like that everyday requires a vast amount of time. With that being said, living in Johannesburg, does not give one the freedom of exploration when it comes to style. There is the fear of judgement and of course the ultimate fear that every young woman leaving the protected bubble that is High School has, of not fitting in. But this is why I chose Aimee to be our first fresher to be featured on LBD. She has a whimsical and free sense of style. She has staples which make her distinguishable and this I love! I think that moving to Cape Town was the best thing that Aimee could’ve done for her stylish expression.
When one goes to high school, for those of you for which high school is a distant memory, one wears a uniform everyday and obviously there is no thought process that goes into putting on a uniform every day. The most thought that one may put into getting dressed every morning is :”should I brush my hair or not”, “should I wear the short dress today, since we’re going to the rugby after school?” and “Should I break the rules and wear make-up to school, so you know, I feel better about myself?”. So now at University, one needs to put effort into deciding what to wear every day, because no-one wants to be known as the girl who has purple braids or wears orange All-Stars and green leggings, right? ......RIGHT???
Aimee noted that “Choosing what to wear each day turns out to be quite a time consuming exercise. Worth it? I think so, if you look and feel splendid, then your day will certainly be dandy. Not to mention the fact that we live in the most beautiful city, we need to blend in with the fantastical scenery.”  This is the perfect mentality to have when entering a Tertiary institution. Someone once told me that, even though University gives you the freedom to explore and in a way entitles you not to wear shoes with your outfit, it provides the foundation for the style that one will pursue for the rest of one’s life. I find this statement overwhelmingly true. If you enjoy wearing ‘all-black-everything’ everyday, then you will most likely where black everyday for majority of your life. If you enjoy putting ridiculous colour extensions in your hair, then you will most likely enjoy doing radical things with your hair as your life progresses. It’s the nature of the style game.
 As I have noted in previous posts, it is always important to have style staples that will carry your outfit. These are a few of Aimee’s “Anything navy-striped, Bensimon sneakers (http://www.bensimon.com), leather sling bag, spotty stockings, over sized cardigan, Cath Kidston satchel, daring wellingtons, and a soft woollen scarf.” The items that Aimee enjoys wearing are fun and solidify her style identity. They give her a certain look, which I think can be called, vintage-nautical chic.  This is a great style, that seemingly doesn’t go out of fashion. Stripes are always good to have in your closest as well as leather accessories to place either a vintage or edgy element to your style.
Furthermore I think that it is wise for first years to have a “go to” outfit. This not necessarily an outfit that they wear everyday or twice a week, on the contrary it is an outfit that they can turn to whenever they are in doubt and no matter their mood on that day they should put this certain outfit on and feel great! This is Aimee’s “At the moment: navy high-waisted trousers with a chunky white jumper, pink lace-ups, and a brown sling bag, not forgetting the tortoise shell glasses. Because the classically cool kid always wins.”
Being a fresher makes you feel a whole lot of emotions at once, and figuring out your style in the midst of that is tough. But once it is found, one can most definitely have a beautiful stylish and “dandy” day everyday!
Much love and even More Dopeness
Koosh: The Lil Black

Special Thanks to Aimee!! :)

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