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Monday, 20 February 2012

Whimsical Cape Town

OH! It feels so good to be back in Cape Town! I have missed how whimsical and care free this city is.

The other day I was on a Jammie Shuttle which was leaving from Hiddingh Campus. As it was standing at the traffic light and I saw a man cycling a girl on her bike, like in the olden days, up to the Jammie because she was late. The girl: Dressed in a beautiful 1950's vibe floral dress, with a full head of brown curls! The guy: Dressed in a white shirt, dark wash slim cut jeans rolled up just above the ankle, brown brogues and a jersey around his shoulders!

That moment will NEVER happen in Johannesburg. It is little moments like this that make Cape Town my new home. Moments like this that give me material to write about, and outfits to think of and style. I was so grateful for that moment. In that moment my creative juices came alive and I realized the reason Cape Town was the place I chose to start my blog and the place made me adore fashion!

So, here are my apologies for being so quiet. I am alive and re-energized! LBD is back in motion and heading towards 10 000 hits.

Much love and even more Dopeness
Koosh: the Lil' Black

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