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Saturday, 3 September 2011

GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD!: Turbans, Head-wraps and the like

A trend that has begun to grow on me is a fantastic Spring/ Summer 2011 trend. The Turban. It adds another dimension to an outfit and it also helps those of us who are blessed with difficult hair. Cape Town gallings (girls) are embracing this trend full force, and recently, a member of our LBD family Naledi Radebe had her 21st, and the dress code allowed ladies to get creative with this trend. Cape Town girls have shown me that sometimes it’s the little things that make an outfit.

Where did this trend start you might ask??? Erykah Badu, Solange Knowles? Ummm, nope, actually knowledgeable   fashion enthusiasts (and readers of ELLE magazine) would say that this trend started the creator of Grès, Germaine Émilie Krebs, who graced this earth from 1903-1993. Madame Grès, as she was later affectionately known, had a fashion house that exuded pure elegance and sophistication. Beyond her beautiful designs and renowned fashion house (now in Switzerland) Madame Grès was known for her iconic turban. Simple sophisticated trend setting right there!

 So the path of turban wearing has been walked by icons of fashion. But, hair accessories in general are making a strong come back in the fashion industry. Our clothing is adopting a lot of old school shapes and patterns. For example, Wide leg High waisted pants, full, mid-calf length skirts, clean, crisp white shirts buttoned up to the collar. The simpler and cleaner the cut of our clothing, the greater freedom we are granted to be creative and festive somewhere else. And so it seems, our heads have become the subject of our creative expression. From turbans, full-on head-wraps and head bands. All these accessories are getting more intricate and expressive. And yes, ladies…This should be embraced

 Items that should accompany your new turban, a pair of wide-leg high waisted pants, wedges, and oriental patterned dress and lots of gold, copper, wooden, and coral coloured rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. In terms of make-up, explore with your nail and lip colour!!

Enjoy, explore, experience and express!

Much Love and even more Dopeness
Koosh: The Lil’ Black

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